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This Website provides a listing of boardgames that are quite popular. Playing boardgames is a hobby that I find enjoyable. I also enjoy working with computers.

This particular website was created to develop skills in computer programming. In particular, web server programming. It uses standard html for the webpages. It develops these pages further using server side include functions like php to autopopulate changes across the website by simply updating one file.

The backend uses a SQL server database running PERL. Using SQL calls to the database coupled with some SQL coding and information sorting commands, the basic website functions using half a dozen php files that call one another, use SQL function calls to the database to retrieve information to then fill variables in the php files to thereby generate the html that is viewed.

The SQL database can then have its variables updated by a simple upload. These changes are then automatically populated across the website by the coding currently in place. Making changes to the website is now far easier than hand coding a thousand html files.

Putting this all in place has been an enjoyable exercise that has taken a certain amount of time. However repeating the exercise in developing other websites will be easier as I have the knowledge, as well as, my current SQL coding scripts that can be simply reused.

Invaluable guides on PHP & SQL that I have found useful in the creation of the website have been, the PHP/MySQL Tutorial, the MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual and the Database Journal


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